Ramadan Transformation Course

with Halimah El-Kurghali


Learn advanced skills and strategies to gain more clarity, energy, productivity, confidence and self discipline, to be able to truly make this Ramadan your BEST EVER!  



Enter Ramadan 2019 feeling more focused, confident & productive inshAllah!

If you have ever felt held back by a lack of clarity on what to focus on in Ramadan, or ever felt let down by depleted energy levels while fasting, or have suffered from a lack of self discipline, productivity, motivation or confidence to see your goals through- then this unique high quality training program is perfect for you!

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Day 1 Training - Get Clarity


What you will learn:

  • DAY 1: Get Clarity 

Avoid simply going through the motions this Ramadan by gaining clarity and focus on what your heart really wants to achieve and what goals would bring the greatest value and impact to your personal life right now. 

  • DAY 2: Get Mental & Emotional Energy

Avoid feeling mentally and emotionally drained by the many demands of Ramadan on top of the usual responsibilities of busy daily life. Learn to avoid burn out so you can stay focused, present and can carry out your goals with ihsan. 

  • DAY 3: Get Physical Energy

As we fast long hours and sleep less hours, we experience hunger and tiredness that can deplete our physical energy levels. But with the right tools & strategies you can ensure you maintain the necessary energy levels to help you see your goals through. 

  • DAY 4: Get Productive

Learn how you can develop your capacity to stay motivated and get things done in a way that is both effective and enjoyable!   

  • DAY 5: Get Confident

We all want to grow and experience positive change this Ramadan, but the reality is that growth lies outside of our comfort zone and change is often accompanied by fear of the unknown. Thus building our confidence becomes necessary to ensuring we make the most of the wonderful opportunities this blessed month of Ramadan can provides us with. 

  • DAY 6: Get Commitment 

Setting amazing goals and having good intentions is easy, but getting yourself to do the hard work to achieve those goals when things are hard, when you don't feel like it or when there is an easier alternative is a struggle. But there are strategies and techniques you can learn to help you become more self-disciplined.  

  • DAY 7: Get The Role Model Mindset

Learn how you can go beyond your own success to make a powerful and positive impact on the lives of others this Ramadan. 

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7 Day Video Training

7 downloadable workbooks

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Permanent streaming access to all course videos  

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BONUS: Buried In Plain Sight: 7 Ways You Didn't Know The Quran Was A Miracle (E-Book)


Meet Your Teacher

Halimah El-Kurghali

She is a Quran Lifestyle Coach and the founder of Quran Rehab. She helps Muslims to revolutionise their personal relationships with the Quran, so that they can transform their lives and reap the endless joys of living a Quran lifestyle. Halimah helps her students overcome all obstacles they face on their Quran journey and offers them unique strategies and techniques to help them build a personally meaningful and fulfilling friendship with the Quran; where they can truly connect, fall in love with and integrate the Quran into their lives in a way that is impactful and sustainable. As a certified Personal Development Trainer with an educational background in Islamic Studies, her programs and courses consist of a unique fusion of Quran study, coaching and personal development. Over the last decade she has worked with thousands of Muslims from all walks of life to transform their Quran relationships and the resulting success stories have led to her work being acknowledged internationally on various prestigious platforms, respected TV channels and well known magazines. Halimah utilises every opportunity she has as a coach, trainer, public speaker, writer and TV presenter to achieve her dream of being part of the greatest and most meaningful Quran revolution in our Islamic history.

You're just moments away from learning new strategies to reach new ramadan heights. 

How do high performing Muslims do so much during ramadan? They get clear by asking better questions. When you're clear, you go. When you're not, you wait. Get intentional and let's go together inshAllah!



"Assalaam Alaikum, MashaAllah, these videos and worksheets have been so beneficial in guiding me through my pre-Ramadan preparations. I feel like I have a focus rather than aimlessly coming up with other people's ideas. "

Khadijah Umm Umar

"I started a morning routine after watching episode 2, and very pleased about it alhamdulillah. JazakiAllahu kheiran"

Walaa SunRise

"Masha Allah all the video are great!"

Azeb M. Abdella

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