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Let me ask you this...

Have you ever wanted your soul to feel more moved by the Quran's miraculous nature?...Has your heart ever craved to better feel Allah's love for you through its pages?... Have you ever yearned to be able to better connect with the Quran on a deeper level where you feel as though Allah is directly speaking to you and where you can feel the Quran's benefit and relevance to every aspect of your own personal life?... Have you ever wished that your interactions with the Quran could be filled with more ease, excitement and meaning rather than it feeling like a chore or struggling to find the time?... Have you ever dreamed that you could restore the Quran to it's rightful place at the centre of your life so that it could positively transform your whole life?
Well your not alone! Many of us dream to go beyond our common academic approach with the Quran in order to achieve a more personally meaningful and deeply fulfilling friendship with the Quran- but we just aren't sure HOW to take things to that next level, right? 
Unfortunately there are no structured programs available out there today teaching Muslims how they can practically go about achieving these deeper "Quran Heart Goals" .... until NOW that is! Halimah has combined a decades worth of lessons, insights and observations from her academic study, lessons from her own Quran journey as well as insights from her research working as a Quran lifestyle coach helping thousands of Muslims to develop their own Quran relationships, to create a comprehensive program called the "Quran Blueprint Master Class". This four week online program will teach you how you can achieve all your Quran Heart Goals and transform your personal Quran relationship through a simple 4 step process! Join us today to start living a true Quran lifestyle!


What You Get:

  • Private member portal with lifetime access
  • Permanent streaming access to all course videos (over 15+ hours of instruction)
  • 10 downloadable workbooks 
  • Student Community & Peer Discussions


What You Will Learn:

The Quran Blueprint is a four week online course (Life Time Access). There are 4 modules in total, with each module consisting of several high quality and info-packed training videos. You will get access to a new single module every week, in order to help you best digest all the material covered at a steady pace.

  • MODULE 1- LEARN THE QURAN: Reacquaint yourself with the essential nature of the Quran as the greatest miracle of Allah by learning 10 ways you didn't know the Quran was a miracle. Then learn how to personally connect with the Quran by experiencing its miracle within your own personal life.
  • MODULE 2- LOVE THE QURAN: Learn 4 techniques to help you personally develop a deeper emotional connection and depth in your Quran relationship, so that you can feel Allah's profuse love for you through its pages and so that you can naturally reciprocate that love through your love for the Quran.
  • MODULE 3- LIVE WITH THE QURAN: Learn how you can overcome your struggle of finding more time with the Quran and 3 practical techniques to improve the quality of your Quran interactions to experience more ease, motivation and meaning every time.
    Learn how to master 6 key areas of your personal life that will enable you to sustain and continuously develop your Quran relationship. Learn to master your life balance, your emotions, your health, your time, your mind and your spirituality with advanced techniques from the Quran and the world of high performance.

"The only regret you will ever have when building a relationship with the Quran, is not having done so sooner"

Limited ONE TIME only bonuses include:

BONUS 1 (Worth £247!)

Quran Blueprint for Kids Webinar Series

This program will teach you how to implement all the key lessons taught in the Quran blueprint program specifically with children. It features additional special tips and fun engaging activities that you can use to help nurture within children a beautiful and meaningful friendship with the Quran. It’s a great guide to use for your own children, with Muslims children you work with at Islamic schools and masjids or to share with family and friends. 

BONUS 2 (Worth £75!)

Set of 5 Quran Blueprint Mindmaps

These beautifully illustrated mind maps (PDF) visually summarise everything taught in the Quran blueprint program in a simple, clear and easy way to remember. They are a great way to review your learning and refresh your memory whenever you wish.

BONUS 3 (Worth £147!)

3 Months Quran Club Subscription 

Access to a private membership group where on a monthly basis Halimah directly coaches her members on various aspects of their Quran relationship, where she hosts live discussions and Q&A's, where she shares her new learnings, tips and techniques for that month as well as sharing some inspiring stories and case studies for everyone to benefit from. It’s a great place to connect and get support from like-minded people, to gain clarity on new issues you face or questions you have, a great place to learn new practical information and get some inspiration to keep you going on your Quran journey. 

Total Value Worth over £1000 (Course + Bonuses)

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Additional Information

We have a great platform for you to connect with fellow students to share your thoughts and discuss relative topics. Posted questions are directly replied to by the instructor/ team management.

You will get instant access to the 'Road Map' videos, which are 5 introductory videos that serve as an aerial view of the entire course. In those video's, you will understand how this course is structured and how it flows, so that you will know how to navigate through the course and what to expect. Within 24 hours you will be able to access module one, then be able to get access to 1 new module per week thereafter.

In addition to the Quran Blueprint MasterClass, you will receive these BONUSES:

  • The Quran Blueprint For Kids Webinar Series (Launching 2020)
  • Set of 5 Quran Blueprint Mind Maps (PDF)
  • 3 Month Quran Club Subscription (Launching 2020)  

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this course, please email [email protected] within 14 days of purchase and we will issue a refund.





You're just moments away from learning new practices to attain a more personally meaningful & fulfilling friendship with the Quran. 

We offer a 14-day return policy on all our courses. We believe this course is worth it!


Meet Your Teacher


She is a Quran Lifestyle Coach and the founder of Quran Rehab. She helps Muslims to revolutionise their personal relationships with the Quran, so that they can transform their lives and reap the endless joys of living a Quran lifestyle. Halimah helps her students overcome all obstacles they face on their Quran journey and offers them unique strategies and techniques to help them build a personally meaningful and fulfilling friendship with the Quran; where they can truly connect, fall in love with and integrate the Quran into their lives in a way that is impactful and sustainable. As a certified Personal Development Trainer with an educational background in Islamic Studies, her programs and courses consist of a unique fusion of Quran study, coaching and personal development. Over the last decade she has worked with thousands of Muslims from all walks of life to transform their Quran relationships and the resulting success stories have led to her work being acknowledged internationally on various prestigious platforms, respected TV channels and well known magazines. Halimah utilises every opportunity she has as a coach, trainer, public speaker, writer and TV presenter to achieve her dream of rehabilitating our global Quran culture through leading the greatest and most meaningful Quran revolution in our Islamic history InshaAllah.

"Alhamdulilah, I have never received such amazing insights into the Quran. This course has given me a completely new perspective and I feel fully motivated to develop a better Quran relationship. MashAllah the tips and insights on falling in love with the Quran helped me understand myself better both in my relationship with Allah and with others. I had felt emotional stagnation with the Quran for some time but now I see how I can kickstart that growth"

Aisha Khan- UAE

"This program has changed the way I view and approach the Quran. I no longer restrict the Quran's relevance and benefit to my spirituality alone, but I can now appreciate and experience this miracle as a practical guide in every single aspect of my daily life, Alhamdulillah. It's truly amazing- and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! "

Belquis Megraoui

"By joining this program I gained clarity on a lot of different aspects of my Quran begin with, I always thought there was a one size fits all approach to the Qur'an but I then discovered that I could actually personalise my approach in order to better connect and make the most of my time with the Qur'an, which was really uplifting and motivational! I also got to discover the root cause behind the main problems I struggled with in my Quran relationship...Not only was I relieved, but this clarity redirected me to take the appropriate action, which has consequently led to me achieving some very different positive results. Alhamdullah this course really exceeded my expectations."

Haythem Werfalla

"The strategies and techniques taught in this program work like a charm! Not only did they help me create more time for the Quran in my daily life, but they completely transformed the quality of my interactions with the Quran too. I cant wait to share what I have learnt with my family, so their interactions with the Quran can be special too inshAllah. "

Layla Omar
South Africa

"Alhamdulilah you have given great insights and shared very informative and beautiful observations about building our relationship with Allah and His book. May He reward you and your team with an excellent reward in this life and next life Ameen."

Nafeesa Jannaty- Dubai

"I am pleased to be a student of this amazing programme. I am looking forward to implementing everything to improve my relationship with the Quran, JazakAllahu khairan"

Hassana Adamu- USA

"MashAllah tabarakallah Waaw! Waaaw! Waaw! This is so powerful, informative and interesting, I’m looking forward to the next training video, this is exactly what I needed to motivate me and inspire me to stay focused in building my relationship with the Quran. I am really impressed by the depth and content- baraakAllah feeki!"

Binta Sumareh-UK

"SubhanAllah! The entirety of the training videos about the Quran’s miraculous nature in particular was completely fascinating. I actually feel a difference in my body, like a shift, like some kind of shock. I am awed. It has really shaken me, shaken something in my Taqwa which I feel has expanded somehow. Alhamdulilah...Wow what other journey could compare with this."

Michael Griffiths- UK

"I have absolutely been loving this course so far. I’m super excited to start implementing what you taught about how we can practically experience the miracle of the Quran in our personal lives.. Halimah I want to tell u that you are such an inspiration to me. I really appreciate how you have taken from the world of personal development and applied it to your dean to become outstanding in all you do"

Maryam Abdallah- Australia

"The only regret you will ever have when building a relationship with the Quran, is not having done so sooner"


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