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Ramadan Transformation with Halimah Kurghali

Ramadan Transformation Week is a 7-day online course getting you ready for Ramadan.

Over 7 days, you'll learn advanced personal development skills and strategies derived from the Quran to gain more clarity, mental and physical energy, productivity, confidence, self discipline and life balance- to be able to truly make Ramadan 2020 your BEST EVER inshAllah!  

What you'll get:

  • Permanent streaming access to all course videos (over 4 hours of instruction)
  • Audio-only versions of all courses
  • 7 Worksheets to help you practically implement your learnings within your personal everyday life for lasting impact.
  • Buried In Plain Sight E-Book: 7 Ways You Didn't Know The Quran Was A Miracle


What People Are Saying:

“I'm in England. Thank you this is very useful. My favourite thing from today and yesterdays training is that your advice is practical, not only do you give me facts but you tell me how to incorporate it into my life. I can already feel a difference. What was also interesting about today's show was the effect of your social network on energy levels. I didn't really think about that.”


“the thing I benefited the most are learning what is quranic heart goal? and how important it is to follow each strategy that u mentioned to reach our goals. I always thought that if I learn tafseer I would be all set. The part I loved the most in the worksheet are Journaling and the 3rd Strategic questions. Also the four L statements.”


“Assalamu Alaikum, I'm Sahla from UAE and I ended up watching this right after a distressing call with a friend about how unprepared I was for this year's Ramadan. This video has given me an extradordinary burst of energy and hope and love, I feel truly blessed and happy ! Thank you, Jazak Allah Khairan !!”


“One thing that really struck me was to differentiate between academic Quraan approach & Quraan heart approach. I'm really grateful to Allah to have the opportunity to follow such an amazing course.”

Ashfaaq Beeharry

“I really appreciate this course. From day one, Halima, you give us really great tools and quranic perspectives. I started to implement your advice and masha Allah I look forward to begin the month of Ramadan with much confidence and preparation.”

Nene Fofana