A literary pursuit

Mar 17, 2019


I lay pen to paper.

I attempt to regurgitate the perfuse emotion and thought that floods from within the belly of my soul. Its a moment some call an eman rush.

My heart it deeply yearns to paint its vibrant call on canvas for all eyes to see.
My heart it longs to sing the throbbing melody of its call for all ears to hear.

Its pleading message reads;
Submerge that morsel of flesh in purifying water
Meaning… consistently sterilise your hearts intention.

Its pleading message reads;
Mirror the abounding love you receive although you will never equate it,
Meaning… authentically love Allah.

Its pleading message reads;
Guard that priceless gift you received although you are not worthy of it.
Meaning… value your hidaya.

Its pleading message reads;
Open the doors of discovery inwards and leave your trail
Meaning…unleash your potential and establish your legacy.

Its pleading message reads;
The answer to your dilemma lies within the distinct fingerprints you carry
Meaning…be who you were born to be.

I capture my words from the tornado of language that circles around me
I cement & construct during my labouring of sentences
I amalgamate all the emotion & thought within to express myself concisely….

Only to realise the inadequacy of my attempt as my eyes fall upon literary perfection . Allah your words have created within my heart an eternal oblivion, in which I am falling forever, deeper and deeper in love. Allah your words have created within my soul an eternal thirst from which I am never fully quenched. Oh Allah I ask you only one wish, that you decree not my passing from this world until I have engraved within my memory the words of your Quran in its entirety.





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