EP1 - Ramadan Reset | End Ramadan Strong Challenge

May 02, 2021



End Ramadan Strong Challenge - Where every day for the last 10 nights of Ramadan, I coming on live to share with you quranic reflections and strategies to help you overcome that Ramadan dip that usually happens around mid-Ramadan, which some of us might find ourselves still stuck in for various different reasons where our physical and mental energy levels, or motivation or productivity, etc have really dwindled away. We are addressing some of those key causes of that Ramadan dip and how to overcome them so we can really power up and end Ramadan strong IA- to help make Ramadan 2021 your best yet!
In this episode, we talked about how to overcome the sadness and regret many of us have over how Ramadan has gone for us, and how to overcome the fear of feeling like 'it's too late to turn things around' that has caused some of us to end up stuck in that Ramadan dip,  and what techniques you can use to turn things around through a technique I called: 'Reset Button'

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