Falling In Love With The Quran: 5 Reasons You Should Make This Your Priority

Jan 23, 2020




Building emotional substance and depth within your Quran relationship isn't the fluff it's made out to be..it's REAL and POWERFUL! It can transform the dynamics of your personal relationship with the Quran and your life in ways you never imagined. It certainly did for me. Here are 5 reasons you should make this your priority this 2020 inshAllah.  



[The following is the full transcript of this episode of The QuranLifestyle Show by Halimah El-kurghali]

I get asked all the time, Halimah how do I achieve that deep emotional connection to the Quran? How do I fall in love with these words? That Allah swt gifted me. I really want to be able to listen to the Quran and have my heart just melt out of love for my creator. but how? I really want to be able to recite the Quran and in my salah and have my eyes moved to tears out of love for Allah swt and love for this book (Quran). But how people tell me, you know, I really want to be able to go through struggles in my life and never feel lonely again because the words of the Quran, they fill me with such comfort and hope and it gives me all the love I could ever want a need. But how? you know, people tell me I want to fall in love with the Quran Halima and that I'm constantly thinking about it, that I have this constant thirst to interacts with it and to learn from its benefits. But how do I go about obtaining that? What steps are going to help me on this journey? What things am I doing currently that's kind of holding me back from these amazing experiences with the Quran?
I get asked what is it that I've learned from a decades worth of studying and researching now on this subject from both an Islamic and quranic perspective as well as from the field of personal development and psychology that alhumdulillah I've had the amazing opportunity to be teaching to hundreds of different people now on various different platforms, whether that's in my courses or events or on TV shows, on my YouTube channel etc...
Well, let me first and foremost say that I totally respect these questions because this is such an important and such a powerful aspect of our quran relationship that in my opinion, I think we should be discussing this far more often. You know for me personally, it was when this aspect of my own quran relationship changed, the whole dynamics of my relationship changed, is when I experienced, what I call true love -that things got taken to another level alhumdulillah.
And I say it's important we discussed the subject more often because you know, people when they think about this topic, they just think it's a bit of a no brainer. They think you know, the answer is simple. Just make a bit of dua and of course learn some Arabic and tafseer to get that better understanding of the quran and maybe even, take some of that quran to heart, memorize it and then bang you have that deeper love, you know, automatically instilled in your relationship. The thing is, although these aspects are very important, these actions and they can positively contribute, they are not the be all and end all. And that's because I've known people who have spent years studying, mastering the Arabic language. And subhanAllah, I actually even know people who have memorized the entire Qur'an and have beautiful recitation, but they've actually confided in me and told me that sadly they've never really felt those amazing feelings of love and experience, that deeper personal, emotional connection with the Qur'an where their hearts are made to flutter or you know the quran and bring soulful tears to their eyes, etc...And no doubt these individuals, when they took those actions, of course they hope to experience those wonderful emotions, but they just don't understand what it is and why they hadn't.
And that's down to the fact that there is actually some science to love, believe it or not. You know it's really important that we address this issue for the following five reasons.
First and foremost, our love towards the quran is actually a reflection of our love towards Allah swt himself. So the condition of our emotional connection with the quran and it's a reflection of that connection with Allah swt. And we know that from a hadith where ibn Masud, he reported that the prophet pbuh said, "None of you need to ask himself about anything except the quran. If he loves the Quran, he loves Allah and he detest the quran, he detests Allah swt and His messenger (pbuh)." And Ibn Taymiyyah r.a. when he explained this hadith, he said "Hence there is a direct correlation between one's relationship with Allah swt and his relationship with the quran. This is the case because the quran is a source of knowledge about the truth of all matters. What Allah swt, likes and dislikes and the nature of his essence and actions. It is our connection with Allah swt and that is why he ordered us to recite it in each of our daily prayers. Therefore, whoever abandons the quran has in fact abandoned his connection and relationship with Allah swt."
The second reason it's so important for us to build that emotional connection with the core and to build that love for it is because we humans all want and need love. You know, love. It's such a natural human craving and a really basic need that we all have from the time we're born until the time we die. Think about for a moment, I'm sure you've seen people on television or in videos that have all the material comforts in the world, but they just turned around and say, you know what? I just want someone to share it with. Otherwise it's meaningless. And I'm sure on the other hand you've also seen people who have close to nothing subhanAllah, yet they feel so happy and content and blessed because they feel like they have the love of their family and their friends.
You know, love is so integral to the human experience that even the consequences of having the absence of love in their life, even starting from childhood and now really why wildly known and well documented, right? We know that people who lack this essential need, they can display destructive behavior. They can form psychological abnormality subhanAllah, that some of these people, they can often be left with lingering feelings of abandonment or rejection and depression or an emptiness inside. They can often struggle with their self worth and their pain long time as well.
So knowing the importance of love to us as human beings, I asked you what better love is there to experience and to have in your life than the love of Allah swt. A love that is like no other, because his love it will never hurt you, his love doesn't cheat on you or deceive you. It doesn't change or grow apart and abandon you. It doesn't lie to you. His love is not conditional. It's not manipulative. It doesn't leave you and you know when people move on or it doesn't get lost when people pass away. It is the only type of perfect love that there is that Allah swt wants to gift you in this imperfect world and who wouldn't want that type of love, right?

The third reason why It's so important for us to build this aspect of our quran relationship is because without it, there will always be something missing. Because of that natural human need for love that I spoke about. You'll find that relationships that we have with people that lack any emotional depth or substance, they tend to be more superficial surface relationships, right? Ones that don't really have much room for growth. So even in your quran relationship, although you might feel like you're progressing, maybe you get a certificate in tajweed or you know with your grades in your Arabic as they get better, or your ability to tick off another surah as you memorizing the quran. Without that emotional substance in your quran relationship, sooner or later you're going to feel like there's something missing. There's gonna come a time where you wonder what is wrong?

And when a lot of people get to that stage, they wonder whether they are failing in their quran relationship. They wonder and they start questioning whether it's because they're not a good enough Muslim, they end up questioning themselves in a way that doesn't serve them. It's not empowering. Some people would choose to just simply ignore those feelings because they don't have an answer or solution to it. And as we know, ignoring our emotions, it only just strokes that fire within makes you feel absolutely worse. And then there's others who might try to change their approach, hoping to change the results somehow. So if they've always been focusing on Arabic, they might start focusing on tajweed for example. Or if they've always been focusing on memorizing quran, they might attend tafseer classes etc... And again, although I said that all of these things are beneficial and they are rewarding to our quran relationship, it doesn't quite directly address and resolve the underlying issue of a lack of emotional connection to the quran.

And then unfortunately there actually even some people who they question whether that empty feeling can ever be filled with their relationship with the Quran. They think to themselves, well, you know what? I know such and such friend or such and such person. Maybe they're a Buddhist or a Christian and they seem to experience that in their faith. Maybe I can find it in another faith or maybe I can find it in other than faith. Now I know that that might sound like a really extreme example, but honestly I've come across people subhanAllah who have felt that way and that's because they haven't experienced that deeper emotional need, that spiritual satisfaction that we as human beings of heart as well as mind, remember that we have. When people have an emotional depth in there quran relationship where they feel loved and touched, a move from their very core, where they feel like the quran it resonates with every aspect of their soul and their wellbeing, they feel safe, they feel satisfied, they feel sure in their ability to grow as a person and to grow in their quran relationship as well.

The fourth reason it's so important to build this emotional connection and this love with the quran is because it actually helps you to stay motivated in your quran relationship as well. Now, if you remember in module one, I pointed out that having that wow experience with the quran, it was a key motivation in your quran relationship. Right? Well, I want you to write down that your emotional connection with the quran in your love for it is another key factor to motivation. So a lot of people wonder why they're not consistently excited and why they don't have that desire to reach out for the quran, to read and listen and study it more? Why they struggle to find the time in their daily lives in order to reach out and connect with the Quran and they struggle even to focus subhanAllah when they are present with the quran and they don't know why. What if you don't have that emotional connection with the quran, you're missing a really important element to being able to maintain your motivation, to maintain that productivity and that focus, to fuel your quran journey.
It's true, isn't it? Just think about it. You know, when you discover something that you really love or you're really passionate about, whether that's studying a certain subject or you enjoy a certain hobby or sport, isn't it true that you find yourself thinking about it all the time, that you're eagerly going out of your way in order to engage with it as much as possible, and subhanAllah even when you are involved with it, you never get bored, right? The time just seems to go so fast and that's because there's a positive emotional connection and a love you have for that. That drives you. How many haven't you heard of somebody who, you know, they've been in a sport maybe for decades now and they say something like, you know, the first time I played this sport and the hundredth time, it feels the same to me. I still love and enjoy it. I mean I myself, I've experienced this. Now, for those of you who don't know, I'm not a hiking type of gal. You can't get me to, you know, walk long distances. I probably wouldn't run for more than 15 minutes. But if you put me on an ice rink to figure skate, it's an entirely different story altogether. And that's because I absolutely love that sport. I'm so passionate about learning different techniques and moves. I could be on there for hours. SubhanAllah, I actually remember that once I was on there for five hours training straight, and subhanAllah, I honestly felt like it was just an hour to me. Well, I want you to know that you can have this consistent enjoyment and excitement every time you interact with the quran too, when you just make sure that you work on the emotional substance in your quran relationship inshAllah.
Let me give you another quick example. I'm sure you might know somebody, maybe an elder member of the family or a neighbor, somebody who's, who's had like a really long term special friendship with someone. And despite the years that they've been together and how frequently they meet each other, they tell you that the, the love and the enjoyment they share in one another's company is just as strong each and every time. And I'm sure you've had them tell you, you know wonderful heroic stories. How one of them, you know, one of their friends was in trouble or a crisis and they needed help of some sort and even though they were going through problems in their own life and maybe they didn't have that time or that money or that energy to spare, they found a way to be there regardless. Right? We should understand it's because of the deep love and a strong emotional connection that they have between them that drives their relationship and it gives them that energy and ability to maintain their commitment.

And you know, the same goes for our quran relationship. When you're truly attained the love of the quran, your interactions with it won't feel like a chore or something that's difficult. You look forward to it with a thirst with happiness and excitement and you'll be totally present in the presence of the quran. That love will provide you with that motivation and that energy and the ability to overcome any obstacle or excuse you might give yourself along the way. Things like, you know, not being able to find a teacher or your lack of finances to learn or your perceived lack of time or energy. These things will be overcome with this love inshAllah, you will find a way the quality of your quran relationship and your life. In fact, inshAllah will change when you put in the time and the effort to build that emotional connection and love with the quran inshAllah.

And the fifth reason it's so important to build that emotional connection and love with the quran, is because it actually helps you to increase your obedience to Allah swt as well. If you think about it, you know, you wouldn't just take any knowledge and any important matter from anyone, right? Naturally you want to first question who that person is, that you're going to be learning from. You know, you want to know what their credentials is and you want to make sure that that person is qualified to give you that information. Right? Well, that's one of the reasons why we started off learning about the quran and from the perspective of it's miracles. In module one, you got to witness how the core and how these unique words, well, from one who is divine, one who is perfect, you witnessed for yourself how the quran, it's beyond the ability of man and how it can only come from Allah swt ight? So you naturally develop that respect and that awe, that humility towards Allah. And towards what it is that he's saying and teaching in the quran, right?
Well, when you add love to the formula and you love a teacher, as much as you respect and are in awe and humility of them, you'll find that your willingness and your eagerness to listen to obey what it is they're teaching you, it's intensifies. It heightens. So with love in the equation, you'll find yourself following that teacher's instructions without hesitation, without questioning, but with a real eagerness and a zeal. So having this element in your relationship, it takes your obedience levels to Allah swt to completely higher levels inshAllah. Okay! So I hope you now have a clearer understanding of why it's so important to develop this aspect of your quran relationship.

Okay. If you enjoyed and you benefited from today's video, then please subscribe to the Qur'an rehab channel. And if you're interested in learning how you can build more emotional substance within your quran relationship, how you can really start to fall in love with the Quran in a way that's practical and powerful that's never been taught before. Then make sure you check out the Qur'an blueprint masterclass at www.quranrehab.com inshallah. Take care assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!



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