The 7 Habits Of A Hafith

How To Achieve Your Quran Memorisation Goals. a step by step guide on how YOU can implement these powerful habits into your own personal life now!
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How to Memorize the 99 Names of Allah

Mar 31, 2019


AS MY EYES scrolled through my Instagram feed, this quote had me fixated. It prodded my conscious thought into the caves of deep reflection. How simple yet profound a name is.

A simple label carrying tremendous potential, a name is a simple mark of birth, upon which the journey of...

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Cleansing Your Life of Toxic Criticism

Mar 24, 2019


“Who Does She Think She Is?”—How Criticism Shapes our World

This was a statement directed at me a few days before my launching of  Unfortunately, we live in a world in which  we are constantly judged and criticized, with criticism often...

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A literary pursuit

Mar 17, 2019



I lay pen to paper.

I attempt to regurgitate the perfuse emotion and thought that floods from within the belly of my soul. Its a moment some call an eman rush.

My heart it deeply yearns to paint its vibrant call on canvas for all eyes to see.
My heart it longs to sing the...

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