I'm Halimah Kurghali, a certified personal development trainer, Quran lifestyle coach and founder of Quran Rehab. Since its revelation, the Quran has revolutionised the world in ways that seemed impossible. What many people fail to realise however, is that every time we open the Quran, Allah (swt) invites us to revolutionise our lives in similarly unimaginable ways. I believe that no matter who you are and what your story is, there are aspects of your life that you dream of transforming and achieving more in. It's for this reason I have dedicated my life to helping others revolutionise their personal relationship with the Quran, so that they too can transform their lives and reap the endless joys of living a true Quranic lifestyle.

As a Quran lifestyle coach, I help my clients overcome all obstacles they face on their Quran journey. I offer unique strategies and techniques to help them build a personally meaningful friendship with the Quran where they can truly connect, fall in love with and integrate Allah (swt)'s book into their personal lives in a way that is impactful and sustainable. Regardless of whether you've never read the Quran before, connect with it from time to time or regularly study and memorise it, there is one common challenge we all face in trying to build a fulfilling relationship with it, which is: HOW exactly do we go about achieving this, right?

Despite there being an array of brilliant resources for learning Arabic, Tajweed, Tafsir and other Quranic sciences, unfortunately there exists no practical formula or structured system that provides Muslims with the answers to how they can attain a deeper, more substance based friendship with the Quran. The type of friendship where it's relevance and benefit to every aspect of your personal life keeps you feeling constantly connected, where the profuse love you feel through its pages constantly move you to tears, where your interactions with the Quran always feels so effortless, enjoyable and meaningful, where it's miraculous impact transforms you and your life for the better- leaving you in constant thirst for more...Until now that is!

Having worked as a coach, trainer, writer, public speaker and tv presenter over the last decade, I have had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals from all walks of life to attain all this and more! Alhamdulillah, the resulting success stories of people having achieved their Quran heart goals, has led to my work being acknowledged internationally on various prestigious platforms, respected TV channels and well known magazines.

Many people ask me where this all started. My own journey with the Quran began several years ago while I was avidly reading about the life of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). One day, as I read accounts of this beautiful man’s life, tears of love and admiration filled my eyes and blurred the words before me. Questions began to rush through my mind. How amazing it is that such a beautiful person walked this earth..If a human could achieve such perfection and greatness, then what about the Creator? .. And then I thought- but have I ever shed such tears of deep love and attachment for Allah (swt) as I have for His Prophet?... Had I fallen into misguidance, busying myself with the Creation and not the Creator? This genuine fear echoed in my mind for the remainder of the day. Then, that very night, I had the most vivid dream of the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) himself. For me, this dream not only served as a comforting reassurance, but was also in fact a most kind and affectionate gesture from Allah (swt), causing me to truly fall in love with Him.

I spent the following week intensely searching through works written about Allah (swt) by the famous scholars of our past, hoping to properly re-acquaint myself with my Lord. To my disappointment, I found hardly anything. How could a faith founded on the reality of a supreme God not have sufficient written information about Allah (swt)? I though to myself. After a painstaking and frustrating search for answers, I suddenly realised the futility of my efforts. All the while, I had before me the Quran - a scripture authored by Allah (swt) Himself. It is the only book that can give us a true sense of His reality. It is the spoken word of Allah (swt), directly related through Gabriel to Mohammed (pbuh), who then passed it from his very lips to us. This was indeed the greatest source from which to learn about and build a beautiful relationship with our Lord and Creator. Through various life experiences after that, I soon discovered that it was also the ultimate guide to self discovery and personal transformation too. The Quran then became my world - a decision that would forever shape my life.

But it wasn't all plain sailing. The start of my Quran journey brought its own trials and tribulations; ranging from confusion with the foreign Arabic language, struggles feeling worthy enough of such a friendship with the Quran, frustrations with fluctuating momentum, being overwhelmed with the task of balancing my time between the Quran and other responsibilities and more. But after persevering through my various challenges, after dedicating many years to research, after investing a lot of money in training with leading experts in multiple fields and from working with hundreds of Muslims through their own Quran relationships, I finally discovered a formula. I combined all my knowledge and experience to develop what I call 'The Quran Blueprint'. It is a four-step process of uniquely learning, loving and living with the Quran that helped me lead the Quran lifestyle I had always wanted. It helped me attain my Quran heart goals and the deeper, more meaningful friendship with the Quran that my soul craved. And I made it my mission to share this with the world. I'm here to tell you that whatever it is you are currently experiencing or struggling with in your Quran-related pursuits, there is nothing that cannot be overcome with the right help. I have not only overcome my own struggles, but have certainly helped others overcome theirs too Alhamdullilah. This has given me a deep and unique understanding of your Quran journey.

My courses and coaching programs have not been created for an exclusive or elite group of people, but for people from all walks of life. This is regardless of whether you have no previous relationship with the Quran, or you want to take your amazing relationship with the Quran to the next level. Here at Quran Rehab, I aim to equip you with the top skills, knowledge and techniques used by the most successful and productive Muslims to attain true spiritual fulfilment and live a genuinely enriched life, inshAllah. My carefully crafted programs take a personalised approach and uniquely fuse coaching, personal development training and Quranic study together; with nothing quite like it available elsewhere Alhamdulillah.

It would be an honour to be part of your Quran journey towards unleashing the best of your personal potential, living your best life and contributing to the world the best of what Allah (swt) gifted you with to offer. No matter what your story, I know that not only do you want more of the Quran in your life, but you undoubtedly deserve it InshAllah! You owe it to yourself- your soul craves it creator!

Quran Rehab Vision

As imam Malik reminds us in his profound statement, the only way we can successfully achieve the positive change we seek in our lives, in the ummah and the world at large- is by developing our personal relationships with Allah through the Quran, just like the greatest nation did before us. By helping individuals transform their personal relationships with the Quran and live a Quran lifestyle, Halimah dreams of not only contributing to positive change but to spark one of the largest and most meaningful Quran revivals in our Islamic history, so that she can achieve her vision of rehabilitating our global Quran culture to its former glory.


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